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Automate Infrastructure Workflows

Infrastructure-aware notebooks that reduce support burden on platform and SRE teams, and save users time.

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Write notebooks to automate any critical infrastructure workflow

Audit VMs or containers icon
Audit VMs or Containers

List hosts by reboot time or by software version installed on the host.

Public routes icon
Open a public route

Help users safely and quickly open public routes on the internet.

Rotate certificates icon
Rotate all certificates

Safely rotate certificates on hosts while monitoring cluster status.

Reboot VMs in cluster icon
Reboot all VMs in a cluster

Reboot all VMs in a fleet, while monitoring cluster and service status.

Cluster scale-up icon
Manual cluster scale-up

Monitor services while manually scaling up a cluster in an emergency.

Build with components icon

Build With Components

Build interactive UI and visualize data with pre-built components templates or build your own from scratch with javascript.

Accepting all requests icon

Accepting All Requests

Build custom API queries to work with any system, then easily connect the results to notebook components.

Sharing and security icon

Sharing & Permissions

Fine-grained permissions controls let you give the right level of control to the right people at the right time.

Moment is in private beta.

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