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Centralize infrastructure expertise.

Charts and dashboards with live data. Buttons and widgets that do things. Write docs that are powerful internal tools and get everyone on the same page, quickly.

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A few use cases commonly solved with Moment

Custom-coded internal apps
Vendor-based low code tools
Service catalogs
Out of date docs & CLIs

Canvases are more powerful docs.

Keep everyone in sync, from new hires to leadership. Docs stay up to date, because they’re integrated with tools your whole team uses everyday.

Canvases contain live data.

Pull live data from your most sensitive APIs into the tools you actually need. Out of the box integrations driving you crazy? Use your APIs the way you want to.

Canvases are programmable.

Draw from a standard library of building blocks like tables, charts, buttons, and dropdowns. Tweak existing tools or design custom ones that give you full control over the UX without taking all the guardrails down.

Canvases are docs that do things.

Deploy to your whole org with fine-grained permissions. Just because someone can access your tool doesn’t mean they should have full access to all the APIs that power it.

Not low-code. Just code.

No proprietary languages. Use lower code or normal code, or switch between the two. They’re bidirectionally linked for however you want to build.

Atlas is for secure internal tools

Atlas is an authenticating proxy that runs in your cluster for safely and securely building internal tools. Atlas never exposes secrets or credentials to a client. Add SSO access for internal data sources, build internal tools inside Moment, or make protected command-line tools. Learn more about our security architecture.

diagram of customer private data flow

Why We Made Moment.

Infrastructure engineering is really hard and ever changing. We’ve been there. Our team is familiar with scaling problems of projects like Kubernetes and Envoy at companies like Heptio, Lyft, Stripe, Microsoft, and more. We’re well versed in the challenges of building tools for and sharing them across organizations of all sizes, whether you’re a newly minted startup or a hypergrowth company.

We’ve all copy pasted our most used commands into a text file, built CLIs on top of CLIs, contemplated plugins to fix or embellish preexisting tools, onboarded our fellow teammates to an ever changing stack, shipped features with varying speeds (there is such a thing as too fast), and waited nervously for complaints and alarms that sometimes never came. We built Moment to improve your reliability and operations and flex with your infrastructure stack.

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