We build tools people love <3

Developers interact with dozens of tools in the process of shipping and operating web software—source control, monitoring tools, various command-line tools, etc. Most of these tools have bad UI, no UI, or a steep learning curve. They don't interoperate. People learn these tools because they have to, but using them is never delightful.

Moment is reinventing this experience. We collect all these tools and streamline them under a single UI that people love using.

We believe shipping software is a productivity and a design problem rather than a technology problem. We want to build tools to ship and operate web services that are fun to use.

What We Value

We are inclusive.

This means we are empathetic to other viewpoints, humble about our own opinions, and thrive in a diverse team.

We are customer-obsessed.

We love diving into our customers’ problems and solving them. We love helping make our customers successful.

We value time and efficiency.

We are action-oriented, and aim to ship as quickly as possible. We learn from mistakes and use automation to prevent repeating them.

We make data-driven decisions.

We value getting answers through data. We dig deep into problems so that we can make informed decisions about which bets to take.

We value high-quality work.

We want to do work that we can be proud of. We prioritize our time and manage scope to enable us to release a high quality product.

We value feedback.

We have a growth mindset and view feedback as an opportunity. We value giving good quality feedback, and welcome it from others.