We’re helping developers
enjoy shipping software again.

We’re on a mission to create the best tools for infrastructure and platform engineers. We’re passionate about great developer experience (inside and outside Moment). If that resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.

Moment team members collaborating in office during quarterly planning

Who we are.

We're a talented, hardworking team passionate about creating the next generation of developer productivity tools. We come from such companies as Lyft, Microsoft, Stripe, and Heptio and have experienced the pain of developer tooling being treated as an afterthought. Our team is open, collaborative, and ambitious.

Learn more about our values.

The Moment team shows off the Moment logo on the wall of sponsors at KubeCon 2021 in Los Angeles California

Opportunity for big impact.

We are a small but mighty team with big ambitions to change how engineering teams collaborate and communicate about shipping and maintaining software. Everyone who joins owns a major piece of the product and has an opportunity to make major contributions.

The Perks

In addition to competitive compensation, here’s what we offer

Come Refreshed

Before your first day, take 2 weeks paid vacation to help you come to work recharged and ready to go.


Work from wherever you are. If you need a place to work away from home, take advantage of our coworking subsidy.


We work across PST–EST timezones, and live in Seattle, New York, Portland, and the Bay Area.

Flexible Time Off

Unlimited PTO and 14 paid holidays, we believe in taking the time you need to do your best work.


We offer flexible retirement solutions with a 401(k) provider that gives ample choice over how you invest.

Health Benefits

100% medical, dental, and vision is covered for you, plus 50% for your dependents.

Moment team members waiting for bagels at lunch. And omg it's taking forever.
Two grown men crack themselves up over an italian dinner by pretending breadsticks are cigars, like children.
Moment team member concentrates on coding work on a laptop.
Moment team members watching a product demo, with a veritable smorgasbord of snacks arrayed on the conference table.

Product Principles

What we constantly strive for in our Engineering, Product, & Design teams.

Optimize for simplicity.

We don’t write code, design systems, or create libraries for ourselves. We design them for our current and future teammates and customers. We try hard to keep things simple so our teammates can onboard quickly and maintain the system easily.

Everything is hackable.

Developer experience is a top priority, both for our teammates and customers. We craft components that are easy to understand and hack on over complex components that require deep expertise. No part of our work is off-limits to further improvement.

Leave things better than you found them.

We try our best to make any code or feature we touch better than it was before. If something bothers us, we fix it. If the build is broken, we fix it — even if we weren’t the ones who broke it. Building software is a team sport.

Accessible by default.

Accessibility isn’t an afterthought. We do everything we can to build with accessibility best practices in mind from the very beginning. Where there is minimal guidance, we make the most inclusive decisions in good faith.

Done is better than perfect.

We know that everything has to go through an awkward period of imperfection before it becomes perfect. We prioritize shipping early in order to incorporate teammate and customer feedback into the design and build process.

Ergonomic AF.

We aim to make the product feel like a well-loved pair of slippers: ergonomic, supportive, and with smart defaults that just feel right to our core users — whether they’re brand new, or a longtime power user.

Moment team members unwind over dinner.

Open Positions

No open positions right now.